Welcome Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Hello beloved child of God!

My main purpose of starting this blog is to spread the good news of grace to the body of Christ and I sincerely hope you will make yourself comfortable and enjoy what we have for you down here.

My believers today are still under the Old Covenant that condemns rather than placing themselves under the New Covenant which supplies every blessing you can ever need! The old covenant focuses you on yourself, it’s all about self, self and more self. However, the New Covenant focuses you on Christ and nothing more than Christ! Your fulfillment and joy can only be found in the person of Jesus. I submit to you child of God, your richest blessings are all in Jesus! It’s not a matter of whether you are obedient or not. It’s not our job to major on it. Now, what matters is whether you are born again and whether you are setting yourself under the right covenant.

”I think I clicked the wrong link! How can somebody say that obedience is not a major matter today!”

My friend, the scriptures tell us that it is the goodness of God that leadeth men to repentance. Repentance will come when the goodness of God is preached. What we have preached today is a hard message that sucks out all the life and joy out of people.

We have ministers standing on the pulpit, bible opened, eyebrows pointing downwards, fiery eyes staring at people, finger pointing and screaming at people,”YOU BETTER REPENT!”

What would people think about God? A God slow to anger, rich in mercy? No way! People will see a compassionate Jesus? No way! For years, ministers have portraited an angry God who wakes up to point out your faults and goes to bed because He doesn’t want to see your face. This is crazy!

If only we had preachers who would stand tall and say,” Your sins are forgiven! God is no longer angry with you! Your Heavenly Father loves you deeply and passionately that He gave His Son as a propitiation for your sins!” If only! If only we had! So my friend, I am not going to write a blog to point out your mistakes and failures. It’s worthless! Let your momma do that! I am going to bring glad tidings of great joy! You and I are going to go onto a ship and we will journey through the scriptures to find out what a good God we have. Is it okay with you?

If you agree with me, lets go!


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